Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. What is Bizezy?

A. Bizezy a complete hub for the new entrepreneurs to seek to own an online store, which offers end to end eCommerce solution, right from your website creation to payment, marketing and logistics. we offer a complete and easy pathway to kickstart their online business and start selling

Q. How Should I Get Started?

A. Well, you can contact our eCommerce Advisor at +91-7871154444 to know more about Bizezy platform and plans. You can also create a FREE 7 day trial store to get the look and feel of our platform. During this trial store, you can upgrade anytime to our paid plans. You can check all features offered in each of them here. To create your free trial store, click on this link.

Q. When does the 7-day trial start?

A. Your trial starts after you fill out the Registration form. You'll receive an email with the login credentials for your new trial account.

Q. What happens at the end of the 7 day trial?

A. You can work on the trial for 7 days, at the end of the trial you get the option to upgrade to a paid account. There are no automatic charges, and you don't owe anything or need to cancel anything if you decide our solution is not right for your business.

Q. How much does it cost after the free trial?

A. If you decide to upgrade to a paid account after your trial, you can choose any of our plans Check Here. No contracts, no transaction fees, and no hidden fees.

Q. My Technical Knowledge Is Almost Zero. Can I Still Create My Online Store On Bizezy?

A. A. Ofcourse! That’s the beauty of Bizezy platform that even a non-technical person can create a basic online store easily. Also, for your help, we offer you knowledgebase, video tutorials, email & chat support for any queries.

Q. What if I don't have any products to sell?

A. If you want to start an online business but don't know what products to sell, get started with Drop shipping. We've partnered with Manufacturers, Resell 1000+ products with high profit margin.

Q. How do I see the Themes available?

A. Once you sign up for the free trial, in registration form you will have an option to choose themes for our 15 premium themes and you'll be able to install any of the 15+ free mobile-ready themes included with your account.

Q. Are there any limitations in the trial?

A. Yes, while the trial allows you to start working in your store, it does't let you point your domain name or take orders at checkout.You can check all features offered in each of them here.

Q. How do I upgrade my free trial to a paid account?

A. Once your decided you're ready to sign up for a paid account, choose the right plan for your business and complete the order form here

Q. I Already Have A Domain Name. Can I Use That?

A. Yes. You choose your own Domain name for your online store and sell products in your own brand name.

Q. Is my online store and data safe with Bizezy?

A. We will never share your data or personal information with anyone without your permission. As far as your online store is concerned, we offer you secured payment gateway so that your customer can make payments without any risk. You can also go for SSL certification for your online store to make it more secure. Contact our sales representative to know more about SSL certification.

Q. What kind of support will I get from Bizezy?

A. After your store has been created, we will offer you complete support in managing your Bizezy store. Other than 24/7 access to our knowledgebase, video tutorials and blogs, you will also get email, phone and chat support from our representatives. For certain plans, priority support is also available.

Q. Can I use my own hosting?

A. No, As we are offering a SaaS based platform, hosting will be provided from our end using Dedicated Server.

Q. What is the surety of business on your platform?

A. We are offering you platform for your eCommerce website with Mobile app and Facebook store with an option to Re-Sell 1000+ products in manufacturing price. As we are not a marketing company so we can't give any commitment on your business but we have tools which you can use to market your website and track your marketing data.

Q. How your platform is different in comparison to others?

A. Firstly, our USP is We provide Dropshipping and Free Shipping solutions which is completely automated with pre-integrated courier partners. This feature helps you to ship your order at Free of costs and in a convenient way with zero order commitment. We have features different features like Customer grouping, discount code engine, Cart Rules & many more which are not available with competition or you need to pay extra for the same. On hosting side, our platform is more scalable as we are using Dedicated server & many more.

Q. Why you guys are charging recurring fee while website development is a One Time activity?

A. As Bizezy is SaaS platform and SaaS platforms work on subscription model only. Beauty of SaaS is that you don’t need to develop the website from scratch. Everything is developed and all the tools are available. You can just subscribe and start your website. Now, why you need to pay recurring money is because we are providing you constant support in terms of technological updates, hosting, technical support,Free Shipping, Dropshipping and load balancing on your website. It’s like you are outsourcing your technical support and Courier support.

Q. Do I need to register my business for associating with Bizezy?

A. We would suggest you to get your business registered so that you don’t face any legal issues in near future. Well, Bizezy don’t have such requirements, you can start as an individual as well.